3 Things To Consider In Choosing Bangkok International School

If you are searching for a Bangkok international school, you can find one through the internet or you can also ask the parents in your neighbourhood if they know of a good international school that they can recommend. You can also drive around town to look for international schools. This is one way to do it since you can actually see for yourself the location and the environment of the school. Finding an international school is not that challenging, given the numerous sources that you can refer to. However, you have to consider a few important things in order to enrol your child in the right school. Here are some ideas.

Consider accessibility and safety

One of the primary concerns when it comes to your child is safety. This is one important factor especially if you are a foreigner. Choose a Bangkok international school where your child would be safe and the school location can be easily accessed. Find out if the school’s location is in a safe and child-friendly district and one that is situated away from shopping malls and entertain areas where your child can be encouraged to visit.Check from the local authorities from crime incidence in the school’s location.

Academic standards

Check the academic standards of the school and find out if it is known for its academic excellence and successes when it comes to the number of graduates and wins during competitions. Determine the core thrusts of the school and the major focuses of their curriculum. You can find theseinformation from the school’s website or you may visit the school and talk with the school administrator for more information. You might also want to check the drop out percentage of the school within the last academic years.

Well-rounded educational approach

One of the important things to check from the Bangkok international school that you are considering is its learning methodology. Aside from academic excellence, the school should offer a balanced learning environment for the child. There should be programs with focuses on personality and social development, sports and other extracurricular activities for the students.