$200,000 For Australia’s Best Wedding

Best service in wedding car hire in Perth makes weddings more memorable by allowing bridal couples a wide range of choice for high end transport. Limousines have become the trend for weddings because booking for one has become rather affordable. On the other hand, weddings do not happen every day and it only right for a wedding couple to make it the most memorable day of their life by renting a limo ride.

No one knows the real price tag of lavish weddings and it is often difficult to estimate how much has been spent when you hire four helicopters, a flyover by a fighter jet and a fleet of limos and super cars. The sport cars alone are worth about $50 million which gives people an insight on how much the wedding of Mehager and bride Aysha cost.

The four helicopters that were used in Australia’s Best Wedding were chartered from Sydney Helicopters. Although the owner Mark Howard did not divulge the actual cost, helicopters are chartered at a rate of $2,000 per hour. The flight records of the helicopters as photographed revealed that they were active from 8:47 AM to 10:52 AM. For two hours the bill was estimated at $16,000 but there is certainly no price for a stylish arrival.

Investigations on the fighter jets reveal that the cost is about $100 a minute from the time it takes off to landing. There were no confirmation on the details of the charter but was said the adventure flights probably reached $2,400 for 20 minutes to make a flyover. The flyover is definitely the most expensive considering the processes necessary to gain approval.

The procession of stretch limos, Ferraris and Lamborghinis do not come cheap. Lamborghinis can be rented for $1000 for three hours while stretch limos cost about $1,200 for the same period. Mehager probably used some of his own cars but the wedding gained public attention when he hit two pedestrians.

Other wedding expenses include the security team headed by former football player John Hopoate and the extravagant pre-wedding video that included a crew of cinematographer, assistant, sound engineer and narrator. From cursory investigation, the wedding extravaganza could probably cost $200,000 although this seems to be an underestimation.