India’s Economic Growth Predicted To Surpass China

India’s promising economy is obviously one of those that investors are attracted to. According to the director of the International Monetary Fund, India will soon outpace China as the fastest growing economy in the world. Christine Lagarde further pressed on that this could happen within the year.

The director visited India last week and reported that India’s economy is expected to steadily grow at 7.5 percent in the fiscal year 2015-2016 which will begin in April. This figure is up by .3 percent from the current year.
If India hits the expected growth, this will make the country the fastest growing economy in the world surpassing China.

The International Monetary Fund predicted last year that the economy of India would grow by 6.5 percent in 2016. The estimate was raised after a promising Indian gross domestic product. On another note, despite the fast growth in India’s economy, the country’s raw economic power does not come close to that of China’s. The economic output of China last year was reported to be at around $10 trillion while India had roughly $2 trillion. This was according to the data gathered by IMF.

Despite this, Largarde still described India as the “bright spot” when it comes to global economic growth. The conditions in India are perfect to reap the benefits of demographic dividend making it a key factor for global growth.

India’s policy reforms

India’s economic improvement can be attributed to the reforms in policies and improved confidence in the business sector. These provided a boost for the growth of the economy. The current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi made India’s economic growth at the top priority for India.

The latest budget reforms revealed the new government’s plan to decrease taxes among business establishments and increase spending on building infrastructures.

The director of IMF said that looking into the future, the economy of India would have doubled its size in 2009. The output of India is also predicted to exceed the outputs of Russia, Indonesia and Brazil put together.
India should be thankful to its young and growing population. The total population of India is estimated to be around 1.25 billion and more than half of the number is of the age 25 and below.

The Challenge With Linking Content Marketing And ROI

During the event that was held in London called WTF is Content Marketing, marketing executives from the biggest European firms gather to talk about the issues that they are facing in their industry. One of the common issues that many brands, publishers and agencies are facing is the challenge to prove the link between content marketing and return on investment.

The challenges that companies face in terms of ROI has been a long standing one, just like marketing. A new dimension was opened when the era of platforms was introduced, content marketing is crowding the customers news feed and influencers are on the rise. Things became a little bit unclear when the problem about organic reach and its decline started to arise.

According to TUI Group’s group head of social, Rachel Hawkes, one of the biggest issues they have had to face in terms of content marketing is linking all the different types of technology that the company uses. It is important that these techs are integrated with one another. She cited as an example their efforts now in merging the analytics they gather from Curalate, a user-generated content tool, and their analytics gathered onsite. Through this they are able to see if a visitor has clicked on any type of UGC, went to the checkout page and bought something. The company is targeting that by the end of next year they will be able to determine how much social media is contributing to the value chain in terms of driving sales, increasing consideration as well as promoting loyalty.

The global head of digital publishing of the brand Bp, Ben Jeffries, said that for their company RI is considered a bit unusual. The firm hired a content team with a small but full time staffs that are in house. With this they want to make sure that the effort is generating profit but the company is not open to the idea of spending a lot of money in hiring an agency that will do the content marketing and then putting too much effort in measuring the result.

How To Hire Thai Property Real Estate Agent

You can Find Thai Property on the internet and aside from the property itself; you can also find experienced real estate agents who can help you close a deal that will respond to your business or personal needs. Whether it is a summer house by the beach or a condo unit in a sky rise building in Bangkok, a real estate property agent can help you especially in explaining provisions the legal process that you may not be an expert of. To be sure, you can also refer the contract to your lawyer for a comprehensive legal advice related to property purchase.

If you are in need of an agent for your prospective Thai property, the first that you should do is find prospective agents from accredited realtor association in Thailand or an equivalent body in the area. This type of associations can not only help you Find Thai Property, they will also give you a list of recognized real estate agents that are duly licensed and recognized in Thailand. Mortgage bankers are also excellent sources of information when it comes to property and brokers.

The next step is to set a meeting with at least three real estate agents to check if they are competent enough to handle one of the biggest financial transactions in your life. Ask for their license number and validate the information from the association of realtors in Thailand including the prospect’s work history, closed deals, related offered services and even the contact information of their previous clients. It would also be wise for you to speak with their previous clients for feedback to have an idea how satisfying their service is.

Another important thing that you should clarify is the amount payable to the real estate agent and the included services of the amount. You should also be given information beforehand for additional fees that you need to cover. When you are already clarified, you can then sign the buyer broker agreement. To Find Thai Property is not that challenging when you are properly assisted by an expert and professional agent. You just have to hire the right one.


Some Tree Species May Not Survive A Warm Melbourne

According to a report made by the City of Melbourne’s future urban forest, at least 20% of the 375 existing tree species within the city are vulnerable to rising temperatures. The horticultural research of Melbourne University revealed that the city’s mean annual temperature of 16.5 degrees has increased by 2 degrees since 1950. Temperature increases have a negative impact on trees.

Many of the cold climate European deciduous trees that include the silver birch, Dutch elm, Scots pine and European beech are existing at the upper limits of their temperature range. It is not only the exotic trees that will be impacted by a warmer climate in Melbourne. Eucalypts have a narrower temperature range and they are likely to struggle at higher temperatures together with the blue gum and rough barked Manna gum.

Conservative estimates suggest a 0.8 degree increase in mean annual temperature by 2040, making 35% of the trees species highly vulnerable. By 2090, the number of trees that will be affected by the predicted 3-degree temperature increase will rise to more than one half or 62%. Horticultural researcher Dr. Dave Kendall said the trees in Melbourne could not tolerate a temperature range of around 8 degrees. The current 2-degree increase already accounts for 25% of the margin of certain tree species. From the report, it is clear that Melbourne is too hot for some types of tree species.

For example, the silver birch and snow pear that originated from Europe and some parts of Asia will not survive in high temperature. Most Australian native trees will survive higher temperatures but they are vulnerable when the temperature is low. The research if applied will guide countries in urban forest planning. It can also be the basis for decisions on what trees should be planted now to ensure that urban forests will thrive in the future.

When you want to prune the trees in your garden or redesign the entire backyard, tree loppers in Perth are available to provide the service. A space that is both safe and practical will be created to satisfy your requirements. Tree lopping services are available for both residential and commercial needs.

Top Honeymoon Destinations All Over The Globe

After a stressful wedding planning, it is only right to have the best honeymoon because it may be the best you will ever have in your entire life. The key is to find the right place that will suit your and your partner to be. Here are some of the top honeymoon destinations in the world:

  • Baros, Maldives. If you are looking to spend your honeymoon in a water villa then this place is for you. It has 30 wooden villas that are placed like a crescent with a boardwalk and it is located in a lagoon. You will have your own four poster bed and a personal sunbathing deck complete with loungers and daybed.
  • Bora Bora, Tahiti in Four Season Resort. This is another over the water villa option. Each villa has a broad bed and private deck. The steps led to the sea and if you are daydreaming of a bathtub with one of the best views then you are lucky because you will be able to see the Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora which is located across the lagoon.
  • George’s Caye Resort located in Belize. This is for couples who have limited budgets but dreams of staying in an over the water villa. There are six cabanas with thatched roof available and all are built over the Caribbean Sea. There are beds provided with mosquito nets, a porch with its own hammock and a private bath.
  • Gecko Beach Club located in Formentera. This is just 30 minutes away from Ibiza and you will need to ride a ferry to reach it. The good thing about this place is an endless beach located in a secluded area but the best accommodation you will have is in the Migjorn beachfront hideaway.
  • Amanpuri, Thailand. If it is an Aman hotel, you know you are in good hands. Amanpuri is the first ever resort that the company has launched to the public. The place is overlooking Pansea Beach with its blue sea and perfect sand.

These are just some of the many honeymoon destination options. Remember to choose the one that you will never forget for a lifetime. This is a reward after planning a wedding for months, from choosing the colours, flowers, cake tasting as well as looking for Party Equipment for Hire in Sydney.


The Launch Of Smith Map Studio

Back in the early 80s, it was the tradition of Christopher Alan Smith’s family to board their car and leave their home located in northwest Austin for frequent road trips all over Texas. During these trips, Smith would be busy with maps. He recalled that those times there are no GPS and he used the maps in order to track the route where his father is going. He would see signs that they are almost to another town and he would use the map to provide a rough estimate of their location. He admitted that back then he was already a map geek.

What was known to be Smith’s passion when he was a child would later be his career in life. In 2006, he used to work as a graphic designer for a book publisher that is located in Austin when he also began making his own board with a Republic of Texas as theme during his free time. The project was stalled because of problems regarding marketing as well as packaging. It was then that Smith diverted his time on making a sketch of maps instead with the help of a pen and ink as well as acrylic paints. He started to make map illustrations regarding historic sites and facts. It was in 2008 that he was able to have his own exhibit at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houstonwhich is an art show with juries. He was able to sell around $5,500 worth of map illustrations. It was during that time that he realized that he could make maps as his full time work and he decided to do just that after he was laid off from his job within the same year.

Smith is now 45 years old and ever since that year, he has sold thousands of map illustrations with a Texas theme. The maps have various titles such as Texas Oil and Gas and Cattle Trails among many others. His work can cost a minimum of $800 and a number of his map illustrations are already hanging in the offices of the state legislators as well as known musicians.

4 Advantages Of Ceramic Basins


One of the most popular and commonly preferred basins is ceramic. Ceramics are made of a mixture of metal, clay and glass, making it one of those materials with high resistance to moisture or low moisture absorbency. There are several advantages one can get out of choosing ceramics for their sink. Three of these advantages include the following:

  1. Easy Maintenance. Ceramic sinks give off smooth finish with low absorbency for moisture. Its smooth finish makes the sink easy to clean and maintain which can be used with basic all-purpose cleaning. It does not require specialized cleaning materials nor will you need toxic cleaners to scrub the surface for cleaning. All you need is a clean, damp cloth and mild dish detergent and you are good to go. Ceramics are also stain resistant which guarantee lengthened use in your bathroom.
  2. Affordable and Accessible. A typical ceramic basin would cost around $100 to $800 depending on style, size and other considerations. Apart from being affordable, one advantage of choosing ceramic basins is that they can easily be found on hardware and other home furnishings store. Whenever there are sink and bathroom fixture sold, you can be sure that a ceramic basin would be available.    
  3. Clean finish. Because of its clean surface finish, ceramic basins look more presentable. This could provide added value to your property should you want to resell it. It also does not require heavy maintenance and cleaning due to its inherent quality of low moisture absorption. Ceramic basins are suitable for frequently used bathroom since cleaning would not be an issue.
  4. Earth-friendly. Ceramics may not exactly be recyclable but they are definitely downcyclable. When ceramic sinks are no longer needed, they are ground up into powder to create another form of ceramic. This way, you reduce the need to produce another set of ceramics which require a lot of energy with most of its ingredients are mined from the earth.

If you want to know more about ceramics sinks, the cost of its installation and other information, contact your local provider or consult a sink fitter near you.