Will California’s Pool Industry Be Affected By Drought?


When it comes to swimming pools, there is no doubt that California has one of the biggest swimming pool industries in the country. From infinity pools to backyard pools, California has it all. But now, the swimming pool remodeling industry of California is facing a huge dilemma because this U.S. state is now heading to its fourth year of a drought condition coupled by the entering of the summer season which would make the temperature increasingly higher.

To cope with this problem, Gov. Jerry Brown had ordered unprecedented water restrictions in the state last month. This action has been designed to limit the use of water to 25 percent. However, there are also exemptions to the restrictions such as the use of water for agricultural purposes as it is essential to that sector.

Tuesday will be seeing the start of the State Water Resource Control Board’s hearing of the arguments for the amendments regarding the restrictions. They are also scheduled to vote the final regulations by the end of the week.
According to them, every drop of water they save will increase the chances of California coming through to a possible fifth year of drought.

The state’s fact sheet, Californians would have to make changes in their lifestyles in this fourth year of drought to conserve water in the case that the devastating drought condition continues. Restrictions will mostly include toilet water use, food preparation, showers and cleaning as well as the use of water for outdoor purposes.

Swimming pools are considered as an icon for Californian lifestyle. There are currently about 1.2 million private swimming pools and 300, 000 commercial swimming pools.

The pool and spa industry as a whole contributes about $5 billion to the state annually and last 2013, they had employed about 55, 000 people.
As a defense of the pool and spa industry’s effect on the environment, they say that a well-maintained pool or spa uses lesser water than that of irrigated lawns.
Currently, there haven’t been any restrictions on the filling of swimming pools but it could happen when local water suppliers decide on their conservation standard.

Bubble Wraps With Bubbles That Do Not Burst


Paper Mart bubble wrap is a type of packaging material that provides superior protection for fragile products. Air-filled bubbles provide the cushioning to protect the product against impact and vibration during handling and shipping. The air bubbles are regularly spaced and make a satisfying sound when pooped. It is often used as source of amusement or stress reliever.

Sealed Air Corp. is one of the original sellers of bubble wrap since 1960 but lately, the company has introduced a revamped version of its signature product. The new version of bubble wrap is sold in flat plastic sheets that the shipper will fill with air using a custom-made pump. Once inflated, the new bubble wrap looks similar to its previous version but there is big difference – the bubbles no longer burst when pressure is applied. This is totally disappointing for people who enjoy bursting the bubbles.

This new version is called iBubble Wrap and it is expected to appeal to online customers who are rather conscious of space to store their packaging supplies. The swift growth of the global packaging industry is due to the overwhelming property of online shopping. Traditional bubble wraps that gained popularity as packaging products take up precious room in warehouses and delivery trucks.

Protective packaging has become a big business with worldwide sales reaching $20 billion in 2013. As manufacturing started to become global, an increasing number of products are shipped around the world. Retailers like Amazon and Target are constantly experimenting with new packaging materials so that they can gain a competitive lead over other retailers in offering cheaper and faster shipping to customers with the assurance that the product will reach its destination unscathed.

Bubble wraps and air pillows remain as the most favored cushioning materials for protection. According to Sealed Air, its most popular product is liquid foam and it experimenting with a combination of agricultural byproducts and mushroom roots that grow to produce a packaging material that conforms to the contours of the package. Sealed Air also hopes that iBubble Wrap will revive their brand that has suffered due to the increased competition in the market.

The Campaign To Distribute Water Filters To Communities In Need


Filter media is a critical component of water filtration system to ensure that people are drinking clean and safe water from their taps. When water is contaminated, it can result into waterborne diseases like diarrhea, schistosomiasis and malaria. Sadly, there are still communities that do not have access to clean water supply.

Pure Drift is a non-profit organization that has launched an Earthcrowdfunder Campaign in order to fund the distribution and installation of filter media in communities that lack access to clean water. The Drifters will drive from Los Angeles, California to Guayaquil, Ecuador with stops along the Pacific Coast in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.

The Drifters will visit communities located near schools, orphanages and hospitals to install water filters as well as provide information on the importance of safe and clean water. Both parents and children will be trained on how to prevent waterborne diseases and how these diseases will be treated.

The Drifters has estimated that they will be using around 200 filters including equipment as well as cash for permits, border fees and their five dollar-a-day youthful food budget. The most critical component of their campaign is the water filters because each bucket-mounted filter will cost about $50 but it is capable of cleaning one million gallons of water to provide for enough clean drinking water for 100 people in 5 years.

The investment works out for less than one cent a day to provide for 5 years’ worth of clean drinking water. Pure Drift hopes to raise at least $7,500 to fund their trip and campaign. The Drifters are committed to helping as many people as they can in vulnerable communities. People have a fundamental right to clean water and they do not have to struggle to provide safe drinking water for their families.

Pure Drift has visited Mexico three times since they formed their organization and each time they have installed filter media and provided information to people. The group is also gaining much knowledge on what to expect during their road trip, the realities of local conditions and the equipment that they will need.

A Proposal: Train Surgeons Using Gaming Technology


At LES Glasgow, medical experts in the field of eye surgery are more than happy to help you regain your impaired vision. Eye surgery is one of the most common surgeries conducted these days and the number of practitioners who are engaged in this particular field of medicine has lately increased. Even in other surgical operations, there have been plenty of interested students. Today, different approaches in introducing the surgical lessons and operating patients have emerged. Recently, the so-called “virtual reality operation” has surfaced. This particular unique test is conduct as part of a study into how the virtual headset can benefit in conducting surgical trainings.

Gaming community enraged

In the first quarter of this year, Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the developers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. They acquired the technology for a total amount of $2 billion. This purchase angered the gaming community. According to the gaming community, the Rift is considered to be the next big evolution in gaming and the people in the industry did not welcome Facebook meddling with their businesses. They threw suspicions on the information giant.

For instance, right after the announcement that Rift was taken over by the people in Facebook, the creator of Minecraft immediately tweeted his resentments and said that he cancelled his deal to bring Minecraft with Rift. He added that the deal with Rift and Facebook scared him out.

People in the gaming world were unenthusiastic with the plans of Mark Zuckerberg of the technology. The social media giant seemed no longer interested that the primary interest of Rift be geared towards gaming. The Facebook CEO instead announced that the team would be making Oculus Rift as a new means of communication platform.

Virtual reality surgery

There are groups that have been experimenting with the technology within the context of medicine practices. Last month, surgeons, scientists and videographers collaborated together for the first ever “Oculus Rift operation”.

This project was conceived by a French engineer who is also a VR enthusiast, Remi Rousseau with the support of his physician wife. They both identified the potential of the technology to be a training machine for surgeons.

Getting The Perfect Boiler For Your Family’s Convenience


Boiler servicing can be very challenging. If you are searching for a company to repair and install your boilers, you need to approach the best servicing company. But in order to avoid problems related with your boilers, you should first get the perfect boiler.

When you choose the right boiler, it could slash the amount of energy bills that you are paying to power companies. An efficient and effective boiler will also keep you warm and will supply your family with hot water. It is in this light that you need to learn about the three major kinds of boilers which will greatly help you improve your financial stance.

Combination boilers
The combination boilers are found in about 70 percent of households. This type of boiler uses a gas central heating in fueling the radiators and in providing hot water. The combination boilers combine the functions of a basically hot-water cylinder or traditional boiler and a cold water tank into a single unit. The combination boilers are compact and are relatively easy to use. They are perfect for use in homes with small spaces and with only a single bathroom. But if you have a large family, you might struggle when using the combination boiler. You will not be able to run hot water coming from two sources at the same time.

Sealed system boilers
The system boilers are more ideal for bigger homes that have multiple bathrooms and with several occupants. The sealed system boilers use cylinder storages in order to provide both hot water and central heating to homes. The disadvantage to this is that you will have to wait for a longer time in order for the water to be heated in the storage cylinder.

Open vent boilers
The open vent boilers are also called heating only boilers which provides central heating to the household and hot water through a boiler. The open vent boilers have a very high rate of water flow which makes them the perfect boilers when you want to take a very quick shower. However, you still need to wait for the hot water to run out.

Here Is The Most Useless Website In The World


In this digital age, Perth websites can be considered as one of the most useful things in the world. Websites can portray many roles. They can be a useful resource for information, a way for people to connect with one another, and a medium for business making.

Since the Internet has become the symbol of the modern age and a global hotspot for opportunities, it is the epitome of usefulness as it is also accessible to every person. Due to this reason, one person found it funny to launch a website that seemingly contradicts the usefulness and accessibility of websites. To put it simply, he launched the most useless website the world has ever known.

MostExclusiveWebsite.com is the website that was founded by Justin Foley and true to its name; it is very exclusive allowing only one person to access it at a time.
For you to be able to access the site, you must request a ticket that will enable you to access a sixty-second window. Since the website only enables one person to access it at a time, you can expect the number of people waiting in line. As of Tuesday, there are only about 40,000 people that you need to get behind.

According to Justin Foley, who is a web developer from Columbus, Ohio, the idea for MyExclusiveWebsite.com just came to him. He says that he wanted to create a website that has qualities that are contradicting to what websites should be. Since websites are meant to be easily accessible for people, his website was designed to be the exact opposite.

The site was first launched in March after Foley wanted to try a new programming framework but it was when Johnny Webber ranked it first among completely useless websites this week, when people started visiting the site.

A lot of people have actually waited in line just to get a glimpse of what the site is really about but some are unfortunate enough to miss their queues.
Now, for those who are wondering what the contents of Foley’s website are, why not visit it yourselves so that you can prove whether or not it truly is the most useless website in the internet.

Private Vehicles Cause Controversy In State


Private transfers or simply known as private vehicles for hire are very convenient anywhere around the world. Technology has definitely made things a lot easier on that area. They have now produced a brand new way for technology to resurface in its own kind. Different and more convenient versions of taxis are now circulating around the world. One most common business that offers these services is Uber.

Uber is very well known all around the world. It is a business based in San Francisco, California. It allows passengers to book cars through their smartphones, with the use of an app. With just one click, they can rent a car, whichever is vacant and close to their location. GPS is used to locate the passenger booking and the car they are going to book. Giving their credit card details to the app, there is no need to pay cash at the end of the journey. The amount is directly charged to their credit card and they can walk out without the hassle of paying cash and asking for change. This app allows users to see ratings of the drivers also from their previous passengers.

However, in Perth, Western Australia, the use of this app has been more controversial than any others. Taxi drivers are fighting the usage of this app so operators and their drivers won’t go out of business. Passengers now are most likely to use Uber than taxis already since it is safer and more reliable, plus the lesser hassle. Investigators are also now being involved in the controversy because such information has been released that the app has allowed certain users to be blocked from their services due to reasons that are about to be known.

The Department of Transport spokesperson stated that in a rapidly changing environment, of innovation and technology that has disrupted human kind in its own way, regulators must also innovate as well. The department recently stated during a budget estimates hearing that Uber had taken almost as much as 20% of Perth’s market. Uber spokesperson said that their company is looking forward to speaking with the state’s premier to try to find legal clarity on the issue. Although Uber has made a positive impact on the state, the Department of Transport still pursued its tender for investigation.

The citizens may not be agreeable on spending their taxes on stopping services such as private vehicles for that is more convenient to them. But the department believes that law must be properly enforced on their state as well as any other.

Plus Size Women Are The New Hot


There was a time when shopping for a plus size body type is considered an agony and a challenging task, says a representative from Dale and Waters. In this modern world where everything changes and develops every waking moment, it is not surprising to see some changes when it comes to plus size apparels. What used to be a limited option and striving brands trying to make it big is making a big noise in the fashion industry nowadays. Evident to that is the list of women who are trying to change people’s perspective about plus size by breaking fashion rules and setting new standards when it comes to plus size trend.

Twenty years ago, if you think you are the only woman who struggled looking for that perfect plus sixe dress then you’re wrong. This is more a depressing case for adolescents who are trying to fit in the trendy world. When you’re a plus size and you don’t have enough choices or the ones you want are not available in your size then you have no choice but to settle for the ones that are available.

According to Essie Golden, 28, who is now a blogger and a plus size model, she had her most embarrassing moment after having purchased a pair of shorts. Since there are no trendy ones that will fit her in the Junior section, she settled for the weird looking pair and went to school wearing it. She continues to share how she and her teacher for that day have the same shorts on which made things worst.

Rachel Kacenjar, 33, now the owner and director of her plus size shop shared one of her plus size moments way back. She revealed how she went to JCPenney and saw an outfit that she loves complete with necklace accessories. It was a happy day until the salesperson told her mother that it was not available in bigger sizes. As a consolation, her mom brought her the necklace. Rachel remarks that it was the start of her accessory buying years instead of buying the whole outfit.

The good news about all these is that these women strived hard to excel in the fashion industry and is now proudly showcasing to the world the beauty of plus size.

Tips For A More Cost Effective Landscaping


Landscaping, as stated by Heath Landscape, is always considered a good investment whether you are planning to sell your house or just looking for a way to give it a new look for the summer. Home value may increase of up to 12.7 per cent if landscaping is done in a more sophisticated manner and the plants used are large.

This option is good for those who have unlimited budget but it may be quite impossible for those who are trying to save every dollar. Heath Landscapes give you some tips on how to do landscaping while keeping everything within the budget.

– If you are into gardening and wanted to save time as well as money then it is best to use mulch. Mulch can be obtained for free and adding some on your flowerbed will ensure that there will be less weed and less water used. If you want to make your own then you can use your food waste and compost it. You now have less trash and your plants will be healthier.

– if you want to give your yard a better and cleaner look then the cheapest way is to prune, trim the shrubbery and pull out some weeds. You can put on some mulch or some rocks and add some more flowers on pots.

– If you are looking for a free weed killer then you can use boiling water. Just pour it over weeds while making sure your plants are not watered with it. It is free so it is definitely worth trying.

– If you are looking for more plants to add in your backyard, you can check for plant sale or online sale. You can even ask for free from friends who are into gardening and have some plants that they don’t need or want.

– Make sure your lawn is cut regularly. To add sophistication, buy a striper kit that you can attach to your lawn mower to add more edge on your lawn’s overall look.

– If you don’t want to waste your money buying plants that will not thrive in your soil then have it tested. This will help you determine what plants and grass will be best for your yard.

Offshore Investments Under Investigation


HomeUnion Investment Properties revealed that recently the Federal Government has been conducting an investigation regarding 195 cases of real estate investment funded by offshore investors. The 195 cases were said to have breached the rules regarding residential properties.

It was noted that the Federal Government has issued a statement regarding their plans on putting a stop to the rogue investors from other countries despite the buzzing rumors that the agency is the one responsible for the property bubble particularly in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. A month after the statement, the Federal Government has widened their investigation of all foreign investors in the Australian market.

Because of the foreign investment law, foreigners are not allowed to buy any residential properties listed on the market but they are allowed to help increase the housing supply in the country by acting as investors in new housing projects. The office of the treasurer has also released a statement regarding the issue of the 195 cases. They disclosed that out of the 195 cases, 24 of the foreign investors has already reached out to FIRB or Foreign Investment Review Board and confessed that they indeed broke some investment rules.

Though it was not revealed how much the sum total of all the properties that are under investigation, it was stated that some of those properties are included in the prestige market while some are located in the suburbs of some capital cities.
According to Ian Verrender, locals are so fast to point out that the Chinese investors are the reason why the housing prices continue to rise but the real reason why this is happening is because of the local investors.

One of the cases currently under negotiation is between a British investor and FIRB. They plan to end the case as voluntary divestment after the British confessed that he has purchases a property located in Western Australia for around $700,000. If the case is ruled as divestment, this will be the second similar case since March.

The Government is also planning on giving tougher punishments especially for those investors who divested an illegally bought property and then make a huge profit out of it. The punishment will be a civil penalty to make sure all capital gain is captured back.

Beyond The Tank Features Ugly Christmas Sweaters From Tipsy Elves


If you’re looking for online shops and companies that are selling Ugly Christmas sweaters, it definitely wouldn’t be any problem at all. Tons of them are available today and one of them that stands above the others today is the ‘Tipsy Elves’. It’s a relatively new apparel company that serves customers with garments that are holiday-themed. They spread a wide array of choices for you, encompassing from sweaters to other items which you can all get from their online shop or distributors. Recently, it experienced an overwhelming leap that showed the world their Ugly Christmas Sweaters – it was when they appeared for the TV show, Shark Tank.

Specifically, the people from Tipsy Elves who represented them in the show where Nicklaus Morton and Evan Mendelsohn. They showed on Shark Tank, Season 5. Their company was first known for the Ugly Christmas sweaters they brought to the world and their debut on Television where they took part in Beyond the Tank’s first episode gave them the recognition which they deserved. The Beyond the Tank was a new show that lead to the revisiting of the various companies that has once joined the tank before.

Last year, the middle of 2014, Robert Herjavec handed them the deal. He also claimed and informed CNBC that the investment he made to the Tipsy Elves was the most triumphant of all his plans for the TV Show. Because of the huge success, 10% from the company which amounted to $100,000 was given to Tipsy Elves. The funds lend them a hand in expanding their business and today, they have been able to venture on other types of garments too – t-shirts, college sweaters and even jumpsuits.

A video from the TV Show, Beyond The Tank was aired, and the members of the Tipsy Elves, Mendelsohn and Morton, has shown their products to Mr. Herjavec for the company’s yearly review. It is shown in the clip that Mr. Herjavec loved Sweater lines from USA and Canada, however, he does not agree with light sweaters known as ‘Knit Knack’ where he added that he definitely hates it.

Mobile Web Design Becomes More Important As Mobile Searches Takes Over Google Searches


There are many websites that are still not equipped with an optimized Mobile Web Design. This refers to those websites which still don’t respond to the size of the device where it’s being shown, thus, leading to a poor user interface and experience to those which are using mobile devices. This was okay back then, however, as smartphones and other mobile devices become eminent, it almost became imperative for a website to become mobile optimized with their web design.

Majority of the percentage of all people today possess a smartphone. As more people are outside their house all throughout the day, we could already infer or see that there are more people who search using these devices. This lead to Google searches in mobile, to take over the search engine in desktops. This news was first shared by the Vice President of Google in Product Management. He shared that over 10 countries have experienced this mobile ‘overtake’ which also includes major countries like Japan and United States.

To top this up, Google even had a recent change with their search algorithms which kicked those websites which are don’t possess appropriate Mobile Web Design. This is also to maintain their reputation in giving valuable customer experience to their users.

The fact that mobile searches have exceeded the desktop searches is an opportunity like no other, but for those which are not yet fully equipped for it, this becomes their demise which will lead for their business to have a lower standing in the search engine. If you’re still falling behind this great change, now is the time to get yourself the proper fixing.

One thing you should fix first is your mobile web design which was greatly implemented on the Google ‘MobileGeddon’. Afterwards, focus on the content you will serve for your customers. You should target who your customers are and give a top quality render of service to them. Connecting your landing pages through linking is also highly recommended.

If you’re aiming to top the search bars nowadays, you could have the help from Companies like Oliver Wood SEO and Web Design Company if you’re from Australia, or with some of the best SEO companies listed in topseos.com. There are many ways to get your business known today and one of the best move is to get your website up and running perfectly for mobile devices.

The Impending Trouble For Mediums


A change in the law in the United Kingdom would mean that psychics, healers and mediums will be facing prosecution if they cannot truly justify their readings and claims. Spiritualist all around the United Kingdom are now joining forces in petitioning to Downing Street and voicing their complaints that another branch of religion is being discriminated by the politicians.

The law making body in UK is now concerned with the growing number of people who are seeking the help of online psychics. There are a lot of reports of fraudulent acts from online psychic readings. If there should a law passed that psychics should justify their claims, this will be bad for business for the psychic industry. Online psychic readings have increasingly grown through the years and have gained humongous following from the technologically updated generation.

For centuries now, psychics, mediums and spiritualists have always faced the constant ridicule of non believers in their craft. Madame Sosostris, a renowned clairvoyant, is known to be the shrewdest woman in the whole of Europe who is always equipped with a pack of cards. People like Madame Sosostris fear a growing threat with the law.

The United Kingdom’s Parliament is set to debate measures that will ensure that all of forms of paid paranormal dealings and activities should fall under the Consumer Protection regulations. These strict regulations will replace the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

There are some mediums, psychics and spiritualists who are not happy with this development. Under the old law, it had to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that the accused psychic was plotting to commit a fraud. The first case ever to reach court was in 1952 where a man was charged that he was purporting to act as a medium. He was charged to have been unlawfully using fraudulent devices. The man was acquitted and this set the pattern of almost all of similar charges for the last half a century.

In the new law, mediums feel the pressure to prove what they normally do. They justify that their craft is different from normal business. It is quite difficult to prove that you have contacted a spirit in the afterlife.

Direct Cabinet Fuses With Renowned ‘US LBM’


US LBM sets its eyes on spreading their sphere of influence and making their self, more known within the coasts of Florida Markets and Northeast. They have planned to improve by leaps and bounds together with one of the most renowned and high-end company, ‘Direct Cabinet Sales’ which is known to be a prominent designer, Installer and Distributor of Kitchen Cabinetry.

The Housing Market on the United States is ever-improving and this incomparable partnership made by two well-known groups will surely set the bar higher for both the supplies and services of Cabinetries to be served to families or contractors who needs them.

The US LBM – renowned for the high-end building materials which it distributes, gave the news of its partnership to the Cabinet Sales on the 17th of April, 2015. The Cabinet Sales resides on the coast of New Jersey in Dayton and it was founded on 1990 by Joe DeMussi who’s still the president of the company.

After the said acquisition, the management within the team of ‘Direct Sales’ wouldn’t change at all since DeMussi will still be able to retain his position and will still be working with the same team he’s been working with on their everyday operation. The company makes designs, distributes and install the Kitchen Cabinetry they make to each of its consumer, may it be for residential purposes, commercial or contractual goals.

They have Showrooms and Distribution Centers on New Jersey and this will be the big step that will connect US LBM to them. Joe DeMussi also claimed that these was a choice that would definitely nurture their company and help them retain the top position they’re on right now. He further proves it by implicating that out of all the companies which are looking for their cooperation, they took the offer of US LBM as this was the best opportunity they were looking for.

In comparison, US LBM CEO, also stated that the partnership will surely be able to increase their market presence along with the improvement of their capabilities and stature within the industry. The two companies are now looking forward to face the great future ahead, which they have set their eyes on.

Experts Reveal Simple Ideas That Can Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger


Canada – April 22, 2015 – Bathroom upgrades can be quite expensive and not everyone will be able to afford them. It is no secret that bathrooms are one of the most valued spaces inside people’s homes and everyone is always looking for ways to make their bathrooms better. Some people would think that having a bigger bathroom is better but sometimes, people can get stuck with small bathrooms.

Luckily, bathroom experts have revealed just recently some simple ideas that could make people’s bathroom appear bigger. You could either begin with looking for vanity units for small bathrooms or tearing down your cabinets.

According to these experts, having a dimly-lit bathroom can make a bathroom appear smaller. Because of this, it would be great if you can add more light into your room. To do this, you can install larger windows so that more light would be able to enter your bathroom. You can also install a brighter lighting and remove opaque curtains.

An all white color scheme would also help your bathroom become more difficult to judge in terms of distance between furnishings and space. White would also help reflect the lights better. You can have your walls repainted with white.
Experts have also said that people can free more space when they remove or tear down cabinets that are not in use. You can either mount more floating shelves instead or you can remove cabinet doors.

Vanity units can also take a large part of your bathroom. What you can do is to remove these vanity units and have them replaced with something smaller and much more suitable with the size of your bathroom.

Shower curtains can also block a huge chunk of space in your bathroom. To avoid this, you can make your shower see through. To do this, you can replace your frosted glass door with a clear one or you can just have your whole bathroom waterproofed so that you can just remove the entire shower enclosure completely.

Lastly, you can also turn your door into a storage space by hanging a door shoe-holder, towel racks can also be attached and install storage consoles.

Anticipated Walk-In Centre In Norway Is A Work In Progress

Anticipated Walk-In Centre In Norway Is A Work In Progress

Work starts for the widely known walk-in centre in Norway which is moving into its new premise soon. Timber Hill Health Centre’s future was not certain when it was announced last year that its current location is acquired by the owners of Castle Mall for their plan of building a restaurant quarter.

Norwich City Council and the members of its planning committee have announced November of last year that the centre is going to be transferred in a location near the Rouen House which is in Rouen Road. The same centre is the go-to place of citizens who need medical attention without having to set an appointment first.

Offices in the new location are now being worked so it could be converted into the new walk-in centre and the bosses of the projects are aiming to finish soon so the transfer could be done in early summer.

Norwich Practices Ltd manages the operation of the centre and its business manager, Steve Bloomfield, shared that the workers are now currently working on the project. Though the work was delayed because of unexpected events, it is now currently happening. He also revealed that moving date is set for early summer.

It is anticipated that the move will happen over the weekend and it is expected that Norwich could go on without the centre at its disposal while the transfer is underway.

Before the new location was finalized, managers of the mall made a suggestion that level two empty shops should be utilized by the walk-in centre and the GP surgery. Norwich Practices Ltd did not accept the offer since it is not practical and decided to go and transfer to the Rouen House instead.

The lower ground floor will be the location of the walk-in centre once in the Rouen House while the ground floor will house the doctors’ surgery.

The Rouen House will be the third location of the walk-in centre. It may be remembered that its first dwelling was near Sainsbury’s in Pound Lane but closed around 2009 and the current location is the Castle Mall.

Around 78,000 patients are being treated in the walk-in centre every year.

Tips When Packaging For Shipping Items

packaging and shipping

If you have items ready for posting but have no idea how to package them correctly so they’ll arrive at the destination in good condition then this article is for you. If you are looking for customized boxes and other packaging needs, you can order at online sites like Paper Mart.

The first thing you will need is finding the right box for your items. The box must be a bit larger compared to the items. The space should be enough to insert some cushioning materials, many options are also available at Paper Mart, around the item to protect it while shipping. The box must contain the proper label together with a return address. If the box you are using has been used before, make sure to cover any remaining labels or any other addresses and information using a black marker.

When packing, make sure to use the proper cushioning materials such as paper, foam, bubble wrap or peanuts. Before sealing, try closing the box and giving it a little shake. If you hear or feel the items shift then add some more cushioning inside. Remember to put a label inside the package as well.

When sealing the package, only use the following recommended tapes: paper tape, packaging tape (either brown or clear) and reinforced packing tape. All of these must have a minimum width of 2 inches. It is not recommended to use the following: cord, cellophane tape, string, twine and masking tape. The opening must be properly taped while making sure all seams are properly reinforced.

In case of items with irregular shapes, follow these guidelines:

– If you are sending bare metals, it recommended that all sharp edges are securely covered with cardboard pieces. The label of the item must be taped to it and not just attached as tags.

– For rolled items such as wallpaper and fabric, corrugated boxes must be used for packaging. If not available, put inside a bag and make sure it is wrapped securely to avoid any damage inside. Label must also be included.
Check for specific posting guidelines before sending your package to make sure your package meets the specific requirement.