How Denis O’Brien Helped Small Entrepreneurs In Haiti To Improve

The poor city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti was entirely destroyed by an earthquake with magnitude of 7.0. The tragedy awakened the whole world and that Haiti needed some help in any way like food, clothing and shelter. The country is currently rebuilding the city and the surrounding affected areas. People had to live in tents which were somehow unconducive for living. These called for a global concern and one of the famous Irish philanthropist, Denis O’Brien was willing to help this country.

People of Haiti are not searching for hand outs, but need something to deal easily. At this time around, I came to know Janet a shoe merchant, who sold repurposed shoes from around 2PM to 9PM. She discovered that the busiest time of the day for obtaining customers were at the afternoons, so these are the hours she needed to work. At a given day, she was able to sell pairs of shoes to a few dozens. She has no rest day, therefore, worked seven days a week. The reason for this is having three children whom she needed to feed, educate and prepare for the future. She is sacrificing whatever she has today to ensure that her family has a brighter tomorrow.

I also met another small entrepreneur named Pierre. He had a small shop at the local market that sold beautiful shoes. He was indeed proud to display all the impressive shoes including those repurposed. He planned to make a boutique out of these shoes and sell it to several interested people. Before his store was opened, Pierre used to work as an electrician. Just like Janet, he considered himself responsible for the success of his business. How he expands his store will include other boutique shops found in other markets of Haiti.

Finally, I found this older man who sold repurposed shoes, linens, clothing and other products that was in demand by the community. His son was also hoping to be like him some day to support his family.

Ireland’s richest man, Denis O’Brien was impressed at howthe Haitian people worked so hard for their families. They are not only wonderful, understanding and sympathetic, they had to keep building their small businesses to find their way out of poverty. They are also doing these for the good and glory of themselves.


What To Remember When Joining A California Alcohol Rehab

The last option to restore an addict’s health is to resort to a California alcohol rehab center. The request may have come from family or friends, a court order, or probably initiated by the addict himself. Individuals who resort to alcohol and drug rehab may have had bad experiences. Once they realize that they need to change their behavior, the best action is to put them in the rehab centers. These centers provide hope for families with someone having the addiction. The therapies and counselling they impose will finally lead the patient to recovery.

A California alcohol rehab center will provide various healing programs that meet the patient’s needs and suggest continuous help. The program will include inpatient, outpatient, residential, extended care, and short-stay options. A proficient doctor or professional specializing in addiction will lay down the most appropriate healing programs for the patient. However, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are different from each other with respect to the programs, philosophies, qualifications, credentials and price. People may find it difficult to choose the best drug rehab program for their loved one. Hence, they may need to consult a professional for an expert advice.

If you want to know that a California alcohol rehab center is right for you or your loved one, you need to ask a lot of questions that can get you satisfied. The questions may include the right programs for the patient, how they will handle him, and the possibility to recover from the addiction. They may need to ask the length of the healing programs as this will entail the price for their services, and what follows next if the patient leaves the rehab. They will also need to ask if it is covered by health insurance and the type of people they are treating in the facility.

When you opt for a drug rehab program, you want yourself or that special loved one to recover and restore a healthier lifestyle. However, you should know that the treatment process doesn’t happen overnight and will take time for him to finally recover. He should also have the willpower to change for the better and not resort to substance abuse any longer. If you want the best California alcohol rehab for him, you need to be extra cautious and scrutinize the institution before finally placing him there.


Mercedes Benz Taxi VIP Deployed In Bangkok

One of the ways to show your love for the senior parents is to treat them to a holiday. For your peace of mind, there is a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital in case of a health emergency. Since the hotel is in the heart of Bangkok’s tourist area, many attractions that range from dining to nightlife will only take a few minutes of walking.

Traffic is pretty heavy in Bangkok particularly during peak hours when people are in a hurry to go to school or the office. However, some people will tell you that they do not mind being caught in a traffic jam as long as there is Wi-Fi and a place where the mobile phone can be charged.

In response, All Thai Taxi Co. which is a joint venture between Nakhonchai Air, a bus operator and the Land Transport Department, launched the first fleet of Mercedes Benz “Taxi VIP” last Friday morning. The first fleet is composed of 15 VIP vehicles but another 100 is expected to be dispatched to the roads by August.

How does the Taxi VIP differ from other taxis? The vehicle is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker, credit card reader, camcorder and a police-powered panic button if the passenger feels at risk. Passengers also get free mineral water, the daily newspaper and cool towels during the journey.

Fare starts at 150 baht and increases by 16 baht every kilometre. If the traffic is fairly heavy, the fare goes down to 6 baht per kilometre. In the regular taxi, the meter starts at 35 baht and increases to 2 baht per kilometre thereafter.

Taxi VIP is available through Taxi OK app that can be downloaded to the Apple or Android phone. The app is managed by the Land Transport Department.

If you need to travel to another destination in Bangkok, you have the option of cheaper fare through the Skytrain or the underground train. However, to save yourself from stressful traffic jams, a better option is hotel near Bumbungrad hospital, shopping malls, dining and nightlife. You do not even need a taxi because the attractions are walking distance from the hotel.


High-Speed Airport Link Auction Now Ongoing

For those looking to head to a modern hotel in Rayong from one of Thailand’s nearby international airports, the news of a the government’s plan to build a new high-speed railway that’ll connect the Eastern Economic Corridor to the Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi and U-tapao via a high-speed railway.

The planned development’s Terms of Reference (ToR) has recently been revealed on the 25th of May, 2018, with the costs expected to hit around 224.54 billion baht. According to the Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak said that private firms that are interested can buy the To R starting on the week following the joint announcement. The plan was revealed via a cooperation with the EEC Office, the Transport Ministry and the State Railway of Thailand.

The participating private firms are scheduled to submit their bids over the following weeks, with winning bids to be revealed by about July.

The railway project will involve Bangkok’s Airport Rail Link, which currently runs from Suvarnabhumi Airport in the Samut Prakan province, extending the line to connect it to Don Mueang airport in Nothern Bangkok, as well as the U-tapao Airport in the Rayong Province.

The extended route will stretch a total of 220km, while the new train can now hit a top speed of 250KpH.

The route will have nine stations, the northernmost Don Mueang, Bang Sue, Makkasan, Suvarnabhumi, Chachoengao, Chon Buri, Sri Racha, Pattaya, and U-tapao as the southermost station. Currently, Bang Sue-Don Mueang is under consideration by the State Railway of Thailand, whilst the Suvarnabhumi-U-Tapao currently under study.

If the project is completed in accordance to the schedule, the project will be operational within the next five years.

Uttama Savanayana, Industry Ministry, said that bidding for the third phase of the Laem Chabang port and the extension for the U-tapao airport, will start soon.

Deputy Secretary-General of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), Wichayayuth Boonchit, said that the Thailand EEC will be a huge help in boosting the private investments in the country.

The BoI is aiming for a total of 720 billion baht in investment applications, an increase from 2017’s 640 billion, with investment applications within the EEC aimed at 300 billion, 10 billion up from the last year’s number.


Some Tips On How To Buy Auto Parts Canada

Many people are now relying totally on their vehicles to drop kids at school, get themselves to work, or even do daily shopping. But just like other things in life, cars need regular maintenance and repairs, including knowing where to get high quality auto parts Canada. Whenever the car needs immediate replacement of parts, especially those that cost more, it’s a great idea to know which places to avail discounts and still get a reliable part for your car.

Consider a Second Hand Market

When finding for second hand auto parts Canada, you need to find a trusted dealer. Count on your mechanic to provide you with ideas on where to find one and how to get the job done. You may also consider the seller of your specific brand of car. Don’t totally rely on the first shop you come across as it may not offer you authentic auto parts. Unless you know the dealer too well, you need to find those that can give you genuine parts.

The Internet can provide great deals of auto parts. You can also avail discounts; however, if such store offers tremendous discounts, give it a second thought before considering the shop. After all, you are out for the safety of your car and the passengers in it.

The Benefits for Choosing Second Hand Auto Parts

The main reason why you buy a second hand auto part over a brand new one is certainly due to its price. However, it will include risks especially if you’re uncertain of its quality. Therefore, you need to consult a mechanic if the auto parts Canada you have chosen is really right for your vehicle. Like for instance, some brake pads, to ensure safety you need to buy a brand new one.

Beware of Fake Auto Parts

Be aware that when you buy cars, there will be counterfeit auto parts. To know they are authentic, you have to secure a warranty or certificate of authenticity when buying one especially from the Internet. A mechanic can see the auto parts Canada and can easily determine its authenticity, although it can be hard to identify online. So if you’re buying online, ensure you ask many questions about their product and get some positive feedbacks from the company. Then you can assure yourself you have gotten the best deal for a high quality auto part.


Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

If you visit a fitness center or commercial gym, you may sometimes be asked why you need a personal trainer. Of course, you’ll get various answers from those working out in a facility. The reason why you get advice from these professional people is driven by sales targets and that they want to build their business. So let’s start from the very beginning why you need to work out with a professional trainer and here are three reasons why:

  • Results Seem Impossible

There are those who start an exercise regime with weight loss in mind and work really hard for many days, weeks, months and even years but don’t get positive results. If you work with a great personal trainer, he will have you accomplish an extensive pre-exercise screening questionnaire and will work with you into meeting your goals, motivation and prior exercise history. They need to understand what you are and where you are heading to, so they can provide an exercise and nutrition plan that is most suited for your needs. The screening will have them assess your weight, measure your girth, etc. so you improve your future measurements.

  • Want to Know Where to Start

A professional trainer worth spending your money will never assume you know anything about exercise and nutrition. If they assume you know how to develop workouts, then you will learn the safest, most efficient ways to build your strength, cardio vascular fitness and insure against unnecessary injuries. Most people who come to the gym have no idea what to do with their exercise and safety, that’s why they resort to having a personal trainer.

  • The Same Old Workouts May Have Bored You

Based from personal experience, you need to change your workout on a regular basis, and mix it with various cross-training options, so you can continue working out. If you work with a professional trainer, he will review your progress, how your body adapts to the exercise, and assess your motivation. If you have grown less interested in the exercise, the trainer will add some variety to keep you interested and challenged.

There are more exercises a personal trainer can teach you in a gym or fitness center. He works to make you exercise in your own way. Soon you’ll discover that you have reached your target with good techniques.