The Midwives Of The US-Mexico Border

The US-Mexico border is a tumultuous region, rife with routine border patrols and almost as routine attempts to cross it. With the acknowledgement of the state of the border, the upsurge in dating services like, people take great interest in the region.

One fact that will go unmentioned in any site like is how medical institutions in Mexico, like most countries in the Latin America region, tend to prefer cesarean procedure, regardless of the necessity of it.

Amidst the many vehicles driven in the border region, some are driven by midwives, like Ximena Rojas, who operates primarily around Tijuana, Mexico. Midwives, or partera, accompany mothers during the length of their pregnancy, and stand alongside them until the baby makes their first cries, sometimes longer than that, depending on the mother and baby.

Mexico only recently acknowledged midwifery as an actual profession, back in 2011, but even today, Rojas, who has assisted in over 350 births, says that midwives are not allowed to accompany their patients to the delivery room, as per the practice of public Mexican hospitals, which forbid even family members from being alongside pregnant mothers during labor.

Midwives, like Rojas, primarily help women who opt to undergo labor in their home to avoid the public hospitals in the country, where women are discriminated against, suffering through obstetric violence wherein they are abused and dehumanized by the hospitals.

Data from a national survey conducted by ENDIREH, released last year,33.4% of women in Mexico who had given birth suffered from obstetric violence from 2011-2016.

Mexico, in fact, has an unusually high rate of cesarean births, one of the highest numbers in the world, with about 45 out of 100 women undergoing the procedure during birth, according to data from the Secretariat of Health. This means that the rate of cesarean births in Mexico is three times the recommended figure set by the WHO.

ENDIREH 2016’s data also noted that, out of the 3.6M women that had a cesarean, 10.3% were not informed why they had to undergo the procedure, with 9.7% saying that they were not given a choice in the matter.

The midwives continue to operate throughout Mexico, as notable and more personal alternatives to public health centers, which is convenient for pregnant women across Mexico, some of which go to the US for labor, which notably has a high cesarean rate at 30%, but still lower than Mexico.


A Smartphone App For Searching Potential Halifax Real Estate

A new Home Finder smartphone app was released by Halifax today, which provides users a new method for looking into property information over their Android or iPhone devices. It’s a new way to check for Halifax real estate properties, which are now made easier to find.

According to a customer survey done by Rightmove, mobile platforms are now being used by property companies, making it easy for respondents to find their desired properties.

House hunters are finding it easy to use this method. Whenever they see a property on sale, they will know the details instantly. This is the main purpose of Rightmove’s smartphone app to find the property they need using modern technology.


Grapple developed the Halifax Home Finder, which is simple to use and appealing. These are actually the key elements that developers should remember when innovating a real estate app.

On its first page are a search tool, access to your chosen properties, mortgage calculator, and a guide to the home purchasing process.

A quick search will bring out all your selected properties in a list or displayed map, which then can be filtered by the number of rooms, price and other criteria.

It details property images, sales history and repayment calculator, which can be accessed to check if you can really afford it.

Property Notes

Once you have selected from among the Halifax real estate properties to view, the app will allow you to write down notes about the property you wish to search around.

It’s even possible to capture property pictures and add ratings up to five for the different criteria. All details to include the pictures will be emailed as a PDF and can be printed.

Augmented Reality

This is where the app is different from all other property apps. Aside from searching for properties on the map, the home finder can allow you to view the vicinity using a camera.

So, for instance, if you are walking around Nova Scotia and want to know properties on sale in the area, you just have to hold your phone and see how it is signaled on screen.

The results from checking out Halifax real estate can be filtered corresponding to its price, how near it is to local schools and availability of transport facilities.


3 Things To Consider In Choosing Bangkok International School

If you are searching for a Bangkok international school, you can find one through the internet or you can also ask the parents in your neighbourhood if they know of a good international school that they can recommend. You can also drive around town to look for international schools. This is one way to do it since you can actually see for yourself the location and the environment of the school. Finding an international school is not that challenging, given the numerous sources that you can refer to. However, you have to consider a few important things in order to enrol your child in the right school. Here are some ideas.

Consider accessibility and safety

One of the primary concerns when it comes to your child is safety. This is one important factor especially if you are a foreigner. Choose a Bangkok international school where your child would be safe and the school location can be easily accessed. Find out if the school’s location is in a safe and child-friendly district and one that is situated away from shopping malls and entertain areas where your child can be encouraged to visit.Check from the local authorities from crime incidence in the school’s location.

Academic standards

Check the academic standards of the school and find out if it is known for its academic excellence and successes when it comes to the number of graduates and wins during competitions. Determine the core thrusts of the school and the major focuses of their curriculum. You can find theseinformation from the school’s website or you may visit the school and talk with the school administrator for more information. You might also want to check the drop out percentage of the school within the last academic years.

Well-rounded educational approach

One of the important things to check from the Bangkok international school that you are considering is its learning methodology. Aside from academic excellence, the school should offer a balanced learning environment for the child. There should be programs with focuses on personality and social development, sports and other extracurricular activities for the students.


A Strong Emphasis Brian Lackey’s Work Of Art Through Custom Canvas Prints

Orders for Brian’s canvas prints is often attractive. He has been our customer since 2009 and his work continues to impress us. Brian resides in Fort Collins, CO and based in his collection of artworks, you can say that outside he soaks in the environment using his camera. We have an invitation here to visit We are here to flaunt some of his landscape images that he has turned into custom canvas prints, and as you can see in his website, he is a talented architectural cameraman.

There is a variety of artworks that Brian has printed on canvas. He has some beautiful architectural, portraits both family and commercial, and landscapes. We like to perceive his skillfulness in using canvas prints have improved greatly. We recognize your effort, Brian and thanks a lot for your continued support.

Brian’s work on his barns are some of my personal favorites. He succeeds to include an exciting and appealing landscape around the barns. And each of his own designs showcase some kind of personality.

Another photo or image wants me to be in the field next to his barn at this time of day. It isn’t easy to do to capture the sun’s flare while keeping some detail at the front of the barn. The custom canvas prints just keep colors that make the images more modern than country style.

Another image takes you to a birch tree forest. With this canvas print, you just want to take a walk around there. But it’s just a print, so let’s leave what your imagination lead you through.

The timing is perfect to create this incomparable architectural image. The ever changing color of the sky is incorporated fantastically while obtaining the lights inside the building take effect. The best person to paint this concept other than Bob Ross is Brian.

Another image that draws me in is this almost endless feeling of the photo. The superior contrast black and white of this typically ordinary scene is something that I will like. The spectacular sky adds appeal to the picture too.

We will have to finish with these very cute custom canvas prints of a little cowboy. We do love your work Brian.


Benefits Of Hiring A Seattle Divorce Mediation Expert

There are several steps that one has to go through when filing for divorce against a spouse. You cannot just hire a lawyer and start the divorce proceedings right away. As a matter of fact, couples have the option to go through Seattle divorce mediation to reduce the costs and lessen the hassles associated with divorce especially among children.

A divorce proceeding can last for about three to six months from the date of filing although this can be shortened or lengthened depending on circumstances. This can be emotionally and financially tasking. The entire process can also be complicated and can even be emotional. To do away with all the pain and spending money for the process, it would be best to resort to an amicable settlement betweentwo parties.

There are a lot of lawyers that you can hire in Seattle or in your area but choose one with the required expertise for the matter. Hire an attorney with specialization on family and divorce and one who has gone through trainings and advance studies to gain expertise in the field. Choose a lawyer who will advise both parties to go through a Seattle divorce mediation instead of a full swing court proceedings which can be stressful and expensive. Avoid lawyers who will push for a court battle just to earn money from the clients. This is against legal ethics. Seek for testimonials and feedback from the mediator’s former clients to get an idea on how satisfied they were with the services and assistance rendered.

There are a lot of benefits if you would hire a Seattle divorce mediation expert instead of a lawyer who will process your divorce. With mediation, you can still obtain freedom from your spouse sans the lengthy and hostile courtroom battle. Hire a lawyer with expertise in mediation and with a long list of family mediation experiences. Visit the lawyer’s official website to view her professional background, training and related field experiences. It would also be best if you would hire a mediation lawyer who has been in the industry for a substantial number of years.


Experience Melbourne With Celebrities Through Airbnb

Many visitors are flocking to the metropolitan city of Australia with the desire to experience adventure activities in Melbourne but this can be further enhanced with the help of Airbnb. A new platform was created for travellers who are interested in mingling with entrepreneurs in the city. The platform is called Trips to Melbourne.

This can be accessed through Airbnb and it has a list of experiences that are powered by locals themselves with the desire to interconnect anyone from the entire globe who shares the same passions and interests.

Local experts designed over 60 activities or termed Experiences in the platform. All of these activities are based in Melbourne and is open for both locals and travellers.

There are many experiences on the list such as hiking inside a forest reserve to look for a group of kangaroos, experiencing coffee and food with a local connoisseur or exploring the street arts in the city and the hidden alleys.

Joe Gebbia, the co-founder as well as the chief product officer of Airbnb, said that the Experiences will be able to bring together local hosts that are passionate about what they do and travellers who share the same passion or interests.

Travelers are now given the chance to experience first-hand the culture, food, sports and fashion of the metropolitan city. The locals view this as a chance for travellers to be able to try new activities and to meet interesting people.

As these locals make money doing what they love, they also help in the local tourism of the city. For the launching, four celebrities in the city are going to join the Social Impact Experiences. All of the money from these activities will be donated to local charities.

With Social Impact Experiences, the visitors will be able to know more about the causes and passions of the celebrities they are with. There are no fees to be collected by the Airbnb and all the payment by the guests will be given to charity.

Guests are encouraged to sign up to experience adventure activities in Melbourne as well as immerse in the city’s culture, food and fashion.