India’s Economic Growth Predicted To Surpass China

India’s promising economy is obviously one of those that investors are attracted to. According to the director of the International Monetary Fund, India will soon outpace China as the fastest growing economy in the world. Christine Lagarde further pressed on that this could happen within the year.

The director visited India last week and reported that India’s economy is expected to steadily grow at 7.5 percent in the fiscal year 2015-2016 which will begin in April. This figure is up by .3 percent from the current year.
If India hits the expected growth, this will make the country the fastest growing economy in the world surpassing China.

The International Monetary Fund predicted last year that the economy of India would grow by 6.5 percent in 2016. The estimate was raised after a promising Indian gross domestic product. On another note, despite the fast growth in India’s economy, the country’s raw economic power does not come close to that of China’s. The economic output of China last year was reported to be at around $10 trillion while India had roughly $2 trillion. This was according to the data gathered by IMF.

Despite this, Largarde still described India as the “bright spot” when it comes to global economic growth. The conditions in India are perfect to reap the benefits of demographic dividend making it a key factor for global growth.

India’s policy reforms

India’s economic improvement can be attributed to the reforms in policies and improved confidence in the business sector. These provided a boost for the growth of the economy. The current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi made India’s economic growth at the top priority for India.

The latest budget reforms revealed the new government’s plan to decrease taxes among business establishments and increase spending on building infrastructures.

The director of IMF said that looking into the future, the economy of India would have doubled its size in 2009. The output of India is also predicted to exceed the outputs of Russia, Indonesia and Brazil put together.
India should be thankful to its young and growing population. The total population of India is estimated to be around 1.25 billion and more than half of the number is of the age 25 and below.

Relocate 2017 Discusses Relocation Agenda

For those who will be moving to a new home, a good relocation company is their best friend. So the many migrating homeowners of the world can rest easy knowing that the moving companies of the world are doing what they can to figure out ways to help their customers.

Relocate Global’s International Networking Reception 2017 went off last February 23, held in the Pall Mall Institute of Directors was host to over 100 global relocations, mobility and removal experts from all over the globe, from removalists in Australia, moving companies in Dubai, and the like, who all gathered in the London venue to discuss problems and developments in their sector.

Fiona Murchie, Relocate’s managing editor, expressed joy with the event’s proceedings, stating that it was great how many guests attended the event. People with different roles in the relocation industry, such as specialists, suppliers, etc, from across the globe, representing different sectors in society; education, commercial, etc. all of whom help moving families everywhere with their issues.

The first main topic of the meet was the Relocate Awards, regarded by the industry as a high accolade, which were currently accepting submissions for the year until the end of the month of March, something which Ms. Murchie pointed out. She states a desire to celebrate the Relocate Awards’ decennial/aluminum (ten-year) anniversary by seeing more entries, representing the innovation, dedication and excellence of the global mobility industry, covering the broad range of relocation experts and their respective areas such as finance, immigration, property, etc.

The second main point of the meet was spurring on the industry into developing innovations for the future. Ms. Murchie invited all those present at the summit to join the Gala Awards Dinner, to be held at the London Science Museum at the 11th of May. The dinner’s main goal is to demonstrate and showcase the latest in innovations, not just in relocation, but in other key fields. Ms. Murchie has stated her desire to inspire people, to get them interested not only in the typical fields of science, and the skills necessary for the workspace, but also for that drive that allows people to excel in the work environment.

The summit also discussed communication in the mobility community across the globe, stating that those in the industry should engage with both each other and their customers more.

Those international moving companies in Dubai, London, Australia, etc. may soon be implementing the big ideas presented during Relocate 2017. Whether or not that would be the case, it is always good to hear that companies are finding ways to improve themselves, not just as commercial institutions, but as members of the globe.

Luxurious Resorts For Doomsday

Have you ever wondered if there are resorts prepared for the Apocalypse? Texas Trident Lakes is one of the latest entries to the booming market of apocalypse bunkers designed for the protection of families in case the inevitable happens.

Years ago when American President John F. Kennedy spoke to the Americans in July 25, 1961, he discussed the need for “new to our shores” emergency preparedness including fallout shelters. Bunkers that were designed during the era were designed to shelter families if in case the Cold War turns hot. The bunkers were made from cement with foldout beds and stockpiles of food.

Nothing happened; the world remained peaceful. However, fears are back because of nuclear arms but bunkers being prepared are more like luxurious resorts where you can ride out various doomsday scenarios.

Rising S Bunkers is one of the companies that specialize in high end bunkers. The Presidential bunker offers a gym, workshop, recreation room, greenhouse and car depot. Since last year the sales for the $500,000+ units increased by 700%. The more modest units on the other hand gained only 150% increase.

Several companies that make luxurious bunkers have not disclosed the names of their customers but according to CEO Gary Lynch, the company’s clients include Hollywood celebrities and well known sports superstars. Other luxury units are being marketed for businessmen and bankers in the likes of Bill Gates who is rumoured to have a bunker under his homes in the states of Washington and California.

The idea for the Cold War shelters is to design them to be as accessible as possible; near the home and easy to get to. However, a few bunker companies are building an entire survival luxury community with subterranean swimming pools. Trident Lakes in Texas is designed like a resort for enjoyment and comfort.

Since Doomsday may or may not happen, enjoy the best time of your life at scenic resort in Phuket. You will be enthralled by the magnificence of the resort that resembles a traditional Thai village that flows like water over the different levels of the hillside. Aside from the resort’s exceptional location, enjoy the luxury spa and fitness centre.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Myanmar In 2017

Unspoilt beaches, primeval Pagan temples and the thrill of adventure makes Burma the perfect getaway for wanderlusting budget travellers. Up till recently, Myanmar was not open to travellers. Now, there’s an influx of tourists heading to Myanmar, curious to explore her majestic temples and untouched jungles, which are a hidden gem in Asia. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Myanmar this year.

  1. You could explore the Bagan temples – The archaic city of Bagan, nestled in the green Mandalay region of Burma, is home to an extensive temple site that could rival the magnificence of Machu Picchu in Peru.
  2. You can go hot-air ballooning – It is well known that the best way to see Mandalay’s ancient temples is by appreciating its skyline in a balloon. The aerial beauty of rural Myanmar is not one to be missed.
  3. You could fulfill that crave for adventure – If you’re looking to get lost in some beaten path trekking, you would find Burma’s limestone peaks, with hidden temples and relics of a forgotten time particularly thrilling. Most travellers opt to trek for 2 days around the water villages of Inle Lake, but head further into the Shan highlands and you would be pleased by the spectacular views that await you.
  4. You could admire the Shwedagon Pagoda – No visit to Myanmar is complete without a visit to this magnificent symbol of Buddhishm which stands at about 110 metres high and is encrusted with 4,531 diamonds; the largest being a 72 carat diamond. The Shwedagon Pagoda is known to be the most sacred Buddhist site for the locals as it is believed to contain precious and holy artefacts of the four previous Buddhas.
  5. You could indulge in Burmese food – It is a mixture of Thai, Indian and Chinese flavours given its geographic location which is not just delicious, but healthy. Traditional dishes include the use of rice noodles, fish sauce, vegetable and peanuts. Curries and spicy soups are a hit with the local people so if you’re game to try, it is definitely an experience worth remembering.

If you’re planning to book a getaway to Myanmar, you can try booking one of the hotels in Burma which is right in the heart of the city. With a combination of modern setting and Myanmar hospitality, this full-serviced apartment is the perfect ‘home away from home’ for tourists and business travellers alike. There’ll be no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful slice of Yangon.

Choosing A Luxury Hotel In Hua Hin

Choosing a good hotel whenever you are traveling to any country in the world is important that hotel will be your home during your stay in that country. There are many types of hotels which you can choose from depending on how much you are paying for your accommodation. If you are working on a very limited budget and only staying for 3 days and 2 nights, it’s recommended that you choose a budget-friendly hotel to stay in. now, if you have the cash to pay, you can choose to stay in at a luxury hotel. Now, Hua Hin, a district in Thailand, has numerous hotels in its vicinity. If you can afford it, it is highly recommended that you stay at a luxury hotel in Hua Hin. Keep in mind that luxury hotels are definitely expensive so you need to be careful in choosing what best fits your needs.


Hua Hin is now a hit among tourists due to its location which is just beside the ocean. Being beside the ocean, it’s not shocking to see tons of hotels and resorts within Hua Hin. And even you have more than enough cash to spare, staying in a luxury hotel in Hua Hin requires the right attention because you want to get the best value for your money. Below are just some of the luxury hotels you and your family can consider when planning your trip to Hua Hin in the near future:

  • First on the list is Aleenta Resort and Spa Hua Hin. It’s a beachfront resort to begin where families can barbecue in the beach. If you are health-conscious, their dishes are created using healthy herbs which are grown in their own farm. Staying at Aleenta Resort and Spa Hua Hin will make you feel stylish because of the stylish villas, mostly have their own pools and rooftop decks.
  • Another luxury hotel in Hua Hin which you can consider is Cape Nidhra Hotel. It has private pools inside individual suites which allow the guests to take a dip while enjoying the silence and privacy. Guests can enjoy sophisticated food from their customized menu. And the bar, the bar at Cape Nidhra Hotel has a view of the Gulf of Thailand like no other.

Top Tips In Choosing American Restaurants In Beach Road

Beach Road is one of the most populated and popular areas in Pattaya. At one side of the road, you will see a long, sandy beach with clear water while on the other side, you will find American restaurants in Beach Road including shops, bars, massage parlours and all sorts of commercial and business establishments. You can grab a beer and walk along the road or have your favourite drink in one of the bars in the area. If you want to dine and wine, Beach Road will not disappoint you. However, with all the available restaurants in the area, picking one might be daunting for you so here are some tips.

Healthy food choices                        

Fast food and American dishes are usually high in cholesterol. Some of the dishes offered in diners are even considered as junk food. However, there are American restaurants that offer healthy options such as shrimp and spinach salads, chicken Caesar salad and other options. Crispy fried chicken wings can be irresistible but at the same time, they are deep friend in oil which may or may not be too healthy. To balance your meal in American restaurants in Beach Road, order chicken garden salad.


When choosing an American restaurant, choose one that not only offer delectable dishes, they should also be pocket-friendly and affordable. While your currency may be higher in value than baht, you will enjoy more food and buy more souvenirs if you get to save money on your meals. You can check for deals for the day to lower your food expenses or you can share your order with friends or your companion.

Proven and popular

Finally, when you pick an American restaurant in beach road, opt for one that has a branch in your home country and one that you know, serves appetizing food. When you choose a popular and proven restaurant, you already know what you are going to get and there’s no room for regrets or wasting your money over a meal that is unsatisfactory to you. Picking a popular restaurant is also ideal when you are in a hurry.

New York City Tourism Sector To Stay Resilient And Dominant

No single industry can claim to be the backbone of New York City’s economy because all sectors from healthcare to technology play big roles in making the Big Apple a global destination. However, while many sectors certainly share the limelight, it cannot be denied that tourism is one of the economic forces in New York City.

The survival of many businesses in New York City from hotels, tourist destinations like Broadway and Times Square, restaurants and cultural sites is dependent on tourism. Meanwhile, there are several concerns on the implications of Trump’s travel bans and the general global hostility towards the American presidency on New York City’s tourism sector.

While it is expected that there will be a broad decline in tourism, current indicators show that New York’s tourism sector is resilient enough and dominant domestically to continue with its successes. On the other hand, it will be more expensive for tourists from other countries to visit New York right now because the dollar is strong.

However, the rising dollar will be offset by the increase in hotel rooms which can make accommodations less expensive. At least 8,500 rooms are expected to be added this year and while it does not seem too much in a city as large as New York, there will be more diversity in the rooms available.

New York has one of the highest hotel growth rates in the United States and growth will likely hold beyond 2017 because the hotel industry has sought for 31% more building permits in 2016 than the previous year. Many of the buildings will not be completed by 2018 or beyond because of construction and opening times. Meanwhile, wealthy tourists can continue to experience a night at the Plaza Hotel or Four Seasons New York or they can opt for the budget friendly hotels to enjoy a new experience.

In Thailand, value hotel in Sukhumvit offers small and efficiently designed rooms with a modern design that will provide a guest a unique experience. The hotel prioritizes safety and security through 24-hour hotel surveillance and experienced security guards. Rooms are neat and chic with a view of Bangkok’s ultramodern landscape.